If you are looking for me, I’m not here.

I just want to test Vivaldi blog to see how it is like. To be honest, it’s okay if you want a free WordPress blog. However, Vivaldi blog service doesn’t support custom domain, so it is not suitable for my use. I guess Vivaldi created this service just for the name to be spread and not fully intended to step in this type of service.

I’m currently using a Cloudflare Pages static html site with my own domain Funfic.com. It requires more technical knowledge to create a static html site and deploy it on Cloudflare Pages with GitHub repository. This Vivaldi blog service is good if you don’t mind the “vivaldi.net” in domain name and just want a place to publish content.

I wish domain name of this blog is “blog.vblog.net” instead of “blog.vivaldi.net”

If you are looking for me. @doublefishArt is the crumb for you to track.